I never heard of the dangers of cough syrup until I 
learned that my neighbor was getting high from it. I 
found out that cough syrup is not only used to 
suppress coughs, but some people, including teenagers, 
take large doses of cough syrup to get high.

These “syrup heads,” as they are sometimes called, 
will drink an entire bottle of cough syrup like 
Robitussin, which is often called “robo-dosing” 
or “robo-tripping.” Other times people will swallow 
many cough suppressant pills sometimes 
called “skittles.” The fact is that since 2000 there 
has been a four-fold increase in cough suppressant 
abuse by teenagers, according to poison control 
experts.  Continue reading 

Goin’ Down: Busting the Myths of Oral Sex

“If you have oral sex, are you really having sex?” 
This is one of the most common and controversial 
questions about sex. Many people think that if you are 
having oral sex, you’re “not really having sex.” But, 
let’s face it, oral sex is having sex.

Considered taboo by some and casual by others, oral 
sex is an issue that most people don’t know a lot 
about, and are embarrassed to talk about. But, 
according to a study conducted by the University of 
Georgia, a whopping 75 percent of teens had or are 
having oral sex. That’s a huge number of people who 
are doing something they don’t really know a lot 
about. That said, let’s talk about oral sex so you can 
educate yourself, know the risks of oral sex, and then 
decide if it’s right for you. Continue reading 

Night Life: Teens Who Sneak Out of the House

You think you know, but you have no idea. Where are 
your children? Did they tell you that they went to a 
supervised sleepover at �Susie�s� house? Are you sure? 
Do you have �Susie�s� phone number and address? 
Who�s �Susie�? Or is your child asleep, tucked in 
tightly, underneath the warm blankets? 

Well, you think you have the answers to all these 
questions, while your child is probably jumping face 
first out of his or her bedroom window. Many of us do 
it. Parents say �NO, you�re not going to any party!� 
So, we jump out of the window, while unsuspecting 
parents are asleep. Or maybe they say, �You�re way too 
young to start dating, I won�t have it!� So, we get 
dropped off at a friend�s house, and minutes later our 
date rolls around the corner, driving like a maniac. 
It�s a weekend ritual, just as routine as getting up 
late every morning.  Continue reading